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My Life Without: Day 2 (Tuesday)

Today I ate. Good news. I ended up waking up at Salvation Army at 4:30 AM. So I didn’t get as much sleep as I had hoped. It was still comparatively amazing. I walked to the library, found out it didn’t open until 10 AM, went the the Community College Library, which blows, did a little bit of reading, then left and got my first meal from “Mary Jo’s Place” aka Sharing and Caring Hands. People just call it “Mary’s” though. It was delicious. Then I went to the Mpls library and got on the computer, found some other places to eat, and wrote the stuff I put on the blog. Then I went down to Mary’s and got another meal – yeah baby. Having a lot of energy I went on a trek to find Hard Times Cafe. It took over an hour for me to find the place. It’s probably a 45-60 minute walk taking a more direct route to my place. It’s pretty trendy. Racy’sesque, but a little nicer because the decor comes together a little bit better. There weren’t any homeless people there, at least none that seemed to be homeless. Speaking of which, all homeless people have money. I don’t know where they get it, I should find that out, but I don’t have any money. From what I’ve seen, not all of them beg. I actually went and sat in Hard Times Cafe without buying anything.

Life feels easy again already. Weird huh? I kind of wish something would happen that would make it more difficult here. Other than my feet being absolutely disgusting (I’m waxing them in my sister’s crap when I get back to the Eau C), life isn’t too shabby. I have food, I have shelter, and the coffee at Mary’s isn’t horrible. I’m even able to access the internet. Cool beans. One thing that hasn’t happened is great conversations. Every attempt I make at having a conversation is usually cut at the point of intimacy and trust. The conversations have mostly been forced, awkward, and goal oriented. I’ll keep trying. And try harder.

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