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My Life Without: Night 1

Minneapolis is beautiful. Today was an in-between day. I spent a few hours in Uptown walking around. That was interesting. Didn’t see a lot of homeless. Didn’t talk to anyone really. It was strange. I felt closed up, afraid. Not afraid to talk to people, but afraid to talk and leave thinking the conversation wasn’t powerful and life-changing for the person I was talking to. That anything less is failing. I felt alone and awkward. I don’t belong with the homeless. I am not one of them. Uptown was depressing because I depressed myselt with inaction. Going on no sleep has been difficult. After Uptown I hung out with CPCers and then Dubs drove me to downtown Minneapolis. I know where a bunch of homeless people are, but tonight I’m doing it alone. I feel alive here. There aren’t many churches in the downtown area, probably cost of property. I want to be here for a long time. Tonight I might get kicked out of where I’m at, a ledge in an alley off the blacktop. Tomorrow and for the week I have a few goals.

1. find a place where I can get a meal
2. Meet some people
3. Prayer and Scripture at the Library
4. Beg some money
5. Spend the night with other homeless
6. Break my social chains: Satanic chains, sin chains, fears, and live free
7. Tell someone about Jesus
8. Learn something new about myself
9. Listen better
10. Fully engage people in light of the presence of God in and around me

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