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An Ugly Thing

All my thoughts of beauty are about how weak I am

They’re clever rhymes about my hard-hearted lack

About the times I turned my back and lived in sin

It seems I feel like if I don’t live beautifully, then

If I just write beautifully it will make up for it.

The creation of something beautiful is my substitute for being beautiful

So now I write dear Lord, clumsy and scattered,

Clear, but without pattern, rhythm, rhyme, or time.

I’m not keeping stanzas or form, there’s nothing pretty about this

Not even the. Punctuation , grammaor, spelling, or

capitalization. I write my heart on the page my God

My text as nasty as my heart, but also as honest.

I clichedly bow my heart to You… I cling on to You,

Your forgiveness for my laziness and the pursuit of needs I don’t have.

I claim You as all I need, nay, as all I want.

I claim me as awkward, lazy, and a waste of resources…

Turning, repenting, I’m justified in Your eyes, and what You see is what is true.

I promise to live well, to let you My God, be my God…

I end my pursuit for me, and I go after the beauty of Jesus.

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