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What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.  That’s what much of life is.  It doesn’t have to mean sitting around, bored out of our minds, slothfully hoping something will come our way.  Waiting can be a very active process.  Apathetic inactivity until something exciting comes around is a form of waiting, but it’s not the way we should wait.  People are almost always waiting on something.

Often people wait to get a job.  During the waiting they apply for jobs and hand out resumes, but there is still a waiting process involved.  People often wait for the weekend as they work during the week.  They wait for their child to be born as they gather together the things they need for a new baby.  They wait to be married while they pursue intimate relationships with members of the opposite sex.  They wait for food to cook as they prepare the table.  Sometimes people wait for their water to be turned on while they put finishing touches on the plumbing.

To some degree, what people wait for is an indicator of what sort of things they care about, about what matters to them.  Sometimes people wait with anxiety for the things they don’t want to happen, but anxiety is also an indicator of what matters to people.  The answer to the question, “what are you waiting for?” is thus an important one that reveals not only what is in our mind and coming up in our lives, but what is important enough to affect our souls.  Too often for me, answering the question has not revealed a soul well postured.

Scripture does show us many examples of people waiting for the best things in the best way.  Elijah waited on the mountain to be encouraged by the presence of YHWH and hearing His voice.  Abraham actively waited for God to show up while taking his son Isaac to kill him on the altar.  The Israelites waited for God to save them from their captivity.  Moses waited as he trekked up the mountain to see the glory of God.  A hundred disciples actively waited in prayer after the ascension of Jesus for the sending down of His Spirit.  Paul ran the race toward Jesus as he eagerly awaited the coming of Jesus.

These men and women didn’t wait for a bunch of things that mattered little.  They waited for one thing that mattered a lot.   Their lives were likely full of many little desires and anxieties, but their overwhelming desire was not for these things, but for one thing.  The kingdom of God is like a treasure, a pearl, that we sell off all that matters to us in order to acquire.  It is so good, that it is more than worthwhile to give up everything else we want to obtain it.  What are you waiting for?  Are you dreading or eagerly awaiting the insignificant?  Or are you actively waiting for the presence of the reigning King to come and take over your life?  Don’t lose your life in the desires that pervade our everyday existence and consume the world around us.

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