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Since I haven’t been exactly dependable on blog updates lately…

Day 1: Bethel Seminary

It was a lot of what I expected and generally missing some of the things that I had also anticipated.  My classes are kind of default Seminary classes, obligatory classes that I have to take prior to taking the classes I have a stronger desire to take.  I had four hours of Spiritual Formations, four hours in Discipleship in Community, and 3 and a quarter hours in Hermeneutics.   I was in class for 11.25 hours.  That was a long time, but I didn’t sleep at all, and that is beyond incredible.  I usually sleep better in long classes than I do in my own bed.

People there were interesting.  I was tired because I hardly slept, meaning I was less socially outgoing than I wanted to be, but I definitely met some people and talked to them.  I like Seminary folks.  I joked with Jared last night, “There are a lot of hot, intelligent, godly, young singles at Bethel.”  “Yeah?” he responded.  “Yeahp, and they’re all guys.”  A sad experience, hahaha.  It’ll be fun to develop relationships more and see what God may have for them in the future.

Class content was okay.  It wasn’t great.  It will be more difficult than my undergrad, but not necessarily more time consuming.  It’ll just require more focus during that time to perform well.  I’m going to have a hard time motivating myself.  Thus far, I’m not that excited with the book choices.  They so far seem to be a little less scholarly than I had hoped for.  Blah.  I haven’t actually read them yet though.  Formations should be like a really expensive small group.  Discipleship in community I think will actually be practical for developing church community.  Hermeneutics was .5 pages of notes and frivolous semantic debates between the professor and students in the class.  It was a lot of work to make a very small point.

In two classes I spent a lot of time in small groups.  That’s fine I guess, but I’m not in class to talk to other students, I’m here to learn from the professor.  I’m here to know what they know and to hear them lecture about their area of expertise.  One class we talked about scripture related to the topic together, in another we talked about differences between words.  In that class, it’s all about forming spiritually, together.  I will take care of my own spiritual life and develop my own community.  I’m not in seminary to pay a grand so you can make me buy and read devotionals, then talk about them.  Silly.  I do that crap for fun… and because I desperately need it.

There wasn’t much arguing over issues.  I haven’t met professors that are obstinate about their beliefs yet, at least not ones that really matter to me.  I kind of feel like I have missed out thus far.  There’s a very similar mindset regarding scriptural interpretation in seminary as there is regarding textual interpretation in my literature minor at uwec.  I don’t like that.  There is a lot of diversity in seminary professors though, which will be cool.

I’ll end this ramble with one last thing.  We were basically told yesterday that without a hermeneutics class we weren’t really capable of understanding or writing about scripture well.  The majority of christian pop books (which I generally don’t like) were written off as unbiblical.  Apparently without a seminary education and degree, you just aren’t going to able to interpret scripture well, unless you are one of the very few exceptions.  Move over Spirit of Jesus Christ, we’ve got a hermeneutic now for understanding your words to us.  My advice, either enroll in seminary or stop reading your Bible.

  1. September 30, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    Just to let you know there is a 3-2 girl to guy ratio at Bethel, 3 girls to every 2 guys, they are just all at the undergrad school, so stop on by for social hours (visitation hours are posted on Bethel’s website)

    And I choose option two, which conflicts with my intro to bible class. I simply will have to tell the professor that according to seminary, I cannot read my bible until I take hermeneutics… sounds like a plan.

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