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The Presidential Debates

We’ll go double time on postings, although this one is far from interesting or insightful…

The individual candidates stances on the issues were interesting and important.   I don’t care as much about those though. What’s really interesting is how frustrated the candidates get with one another.    It’s really interesting how they interact with one another.  It seems like they generally have a sense of enmity with one another, certainly coming stronger from McCain than Obama.  Some things that especially stuck out to me.

1. People don’t like being misunderstood, misinterpreted, misquoted, or misportrayed.  Both candidates deliberately misrepresented the other for the purpose of making themselves look better.  Sometimes they seemed to try to get a rise out of the other candidate.  Both candidates hated it and either impatiently held in their words or interrupted the other person to correct them and maintain their image.  What is interesting about this is that the candidates counter arguments were emotionally charged in a way that seemed personal.  Their main concern was not how to maintain an election winning image, but to rectify their personal image for reasons related to their own socially affected emotional health.
2. I’m also a little sick of this idea that politicians have to pretend their record is perfect.  Some politicians will say that they will make mistakes and are unable to lead perfectly, but I don’t know if I know any that will actually admit the mistakes they made in the past.  Barack should just come out and say he was wrong about the effectiveness of the surge, rather than blaming his being wrong on the surge being beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.  John whined about Barack’s early record in voting,   Barack could have simply admitted his early flaws, note that he corrected them, and voila! he wins respect and maintains integrity.  The American people want someone who can and does admit when they err.  At least, I do.
3. Let’s be nice.  There doesn’t have to be such a strong divisiveness.  You can disagree strongly, have these “fundamental differences,” and still show a respect for the position of the other and a love for who they are.  Both men are intelligent.  Both are capable.  Both want the best for the country.  Both have done good things and both have made mistakes.  One of my favorite things about Barack is that he shows a lot more respect for John than John shows for him.  I wonder how much more might be accomplished in government if a spirit of cooperation was more prevailing than a spirit of opposition.

May God be with and bless this country, along with the rest of the world.  May we have generous hearts in a failing economy.  May we look to God as our Sovereign Provider instead of the American economy.  YHWH, bring peace to our hearts.  Protect us.  Guide us.  Tenderly hold us.  Rip away the things that we hold on to that will fail us.  Provide for us.  Spirit, move in the hearts of men.  Make them aware of their sin.  Make them aware of Your presence.  Make them aware of Your hope, Your love.  Move believers to action.  Empower the church to truly be the body of Christ together in the world.  Jesus, forgive us for our sins.  Forgive us for our dependencies on things that will fail us.  Forgive us for depending on money.  Teach us to store our treasures in heaven.  Teach us to love you in all things, through all things.  We love You because You first loved us.  In Your name, Amen.

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