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Why Everything Will Be Okay

Security brought about by wealth is only an illusion of security. Money is not stable, it is not infallible, it is not always going to be around, and it can’t be counted on. Somehow we have made the mistake of putting our trust in our financial markets. We have trusted that our futures will be taken care of if we have enough money invested. We have placed hope in good paying jobs that we think will always be around. We have bought into the lie that money and power equal safety and security. We’ve been duped.

But the fact that wealth and national power are not trustworthy should not be a surprise to us. God has been very clear all along. Wealth is not trustworthy. Wealth is not what life is about, and when it becomes the focus, it becomes all we have and we see that by itself, it is worthless. Wealth is not inherently bad, indeed, it is a blessing from God, but it is dangerous. It is good to be prudent in it, but it is bad to have faith in it. Those in pursuit of riches often fall into temptation and indulging in destructive and ruinous desires. Loving money is at the core of so much evil. Even those that have money are commanded not to put their hope in it, as it is so uncertain, and the real treasure that lasts is given by God for a life lived righteously. Just as we came into the world with nothing, so we will leave this world with nothing no matter how much we acquire. All we will have is all we have stored up in the kingdom of heaven by investing in people here.

The instability of the world we live in is not something new, it is something typical of the nations of earth across the history of earth. The governments of humanity are always and have always been on the verge of collapse. There is no security in nations. There is not real security in storing up wealth on earth. Three realities help me to live free from anxiety in the face of all dangers. Dead people fear nothing. God is strong. God is loving.

I have died to the world. Really. God has called me to become dead to the world and instead have life in Christ. He has called me, like everyone else who would follow him, to live like aliens in a foreign land. I live in the United States, but I am a citizen of the kingdom of God. What happens in the U.S. and the world matters to me because it affects people God loves, but I am fine with whatever happens because I have died to the desire to pursue wealth, I have died to nationalism, I have died to the longing to feel safe, I have died to the fear of death, I have died to the want for possessions. I have taken up my cross, followed Jesus, and by his power have been crucified with Christ to the world and now the Spirit of Christ within me makes me a member of God’s family, a part of his household, under his protection, and under his rule. His primary concern for me is not a safe and nice life, but a real one. I am dead to the world we reside in, and as a result, can live more freely within it.

I’ve already implicitly cited many, many parts of Scripture, but I think this passage in Psalms is especially pertinent to the next two truths about reality. Psalm 62:10-12 says,
Do not trust in extortion
or take pride in stolen goods;
though your riches increase,
do not set your heart on them.

One thing God has spoken,
two things have I heard:
that you, O God, are strong,

and that you, O Lord, are loving.
Surely you will reward each person
according to what he has done.

If you think about the past and present of American culture, it’s not difficult to see how essential extortion is to our economy and certainly we have set our heart on riches, especially when they increase – though they will never satisfy. What is of primary importance for our fearlessness in the face of anything is the two truths the Psalmist has heard from the one thing God has spoken. God is both strong and loving. He is Creator and so is Lord of Creation. In Him all things live and move and have their being, and therefore nothing happens that He has not allowed to happen because He has power even over those beings that have been given authority over their own lives (humanity and angelity). Nothing happens that He cannot work to the good of those who choose His ways over the ways of the world. Because of His strength He has the power to do all things. And He adores us. He has a heart that burns for our good will, for us to have a life that is truly life through His son sent out of love to give us the perfection we cannot attain on our own and so have the intimate relationship with God and others that is life itself. He loves deeply. And so, the infinite power of God is not one we should cower before, but bow before, because He has chosen, in all His power and glory and perfection, to love us with His power.  We can put all of our trust, hope, and faith in a Father who loves perfectly with infinite power. If this kind of Father is for us, what other person or demon can stand against us?

I don’t know what will happen in the future. In my last post, I did not make a prediction, but presented a possibility. I don’t know what will happen to the world we live in. Neither do you. Neither does anyone.  I do know that national wealth and power will not keep us safe and sound until we die in our sleep at a ripe old age.  I do know that the world is unpredictable and there is nothing there we can count on. I know that our feelings of security often come from false beliefs about what is secure. I know that God is trustworthy. I know that I want to put all of my hope and security in Him. There are some who trust in money and military might, but join me and my house and let me join you and yours as we together trust in the name of the Lord our God. Everything Will Be Okay because our Lord is trustworthy.

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