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My Microcosm of the Metanarrative of Humanity: Part 1 of 3

So. It’s not my plan to twist or manipulate Scripture in this post, but this is not just interpretation. This is about my life, an important and painful part of my life that I think in some ways mimics the biblical story of humanity. As I think about this concept of smaller stories reflecting the larger one I am increasingly interested. I wonder how often we live out this story. Here’s my current story.

My life was stellar and full of the presence of God. Peace was in my heart, heart in my activities, activity in my life, and life in my soul. I explored my world with a sense of wonder and lived as one charged with an important and delightful task. It was great, but something about it was not quite good. Then I met a girl. I first saw her when she was talking on a stage, which seems to quite well symbolize the pedestal I saw her standing on in my mind. I felt tied to her. She seemed wonderful. I never met her, I didn’t know anything about her. But I just felt that she was wonderful. Later I discovered I was right. We met, but I only shook her hand and she left. After a conversation I felt stuck in, I followed after and found her. In a falsely clandestine manner I made myself visible. She saw me and threw me a ball I didn’t want to shoot, but I shot anyway. I didn’t want to scorn her gift. That was our first meeting. I was overjoyed and excited to see her next week.

Another man once existed in the presence of God. YHWH was there, walking with him side by side. There were no barriers, no limits to the intimacy of the man and God. The man was charged with a task designed to better the world around him. It was a delightful task of designating words for the beautiful things that were and to exercise his authority to care for the incredible things God created. Although his intimacy with God was complete and glorious, God knew there was something about the man’s life that was not good. And so this man woke up from his sleep and met a girl. She was made from his own rib, no less! From the time of her creation she was inextricably linked to this man. And the man was overjoyed and excited to continue his relationship with the woman he was tied to.

But I didn’t have to wait. There she was. The next day. Brought to me. At least, that’s how it seemed. That’s when I discovered she was wonderful. That’s when I began to watch her flow in and out of conversations, fluidly interacting with person after person in ways both fun and meaningful, making sure all felt loved. How tantalizing. I was excited to see her in six days. I saw her in two. I was excited to see her in 4 days… I saw her the next day, and the next, and the next… thrice by total “coincidence” in three different places I never knew she would be, if that is how you think. But I think it was thrice by design. A deliberate Creator wanting to create something even more beautiful out of two individual beautiful things, designating His hand in this by three signs. A holy number. Subsequently, we grew closer. We knew eachother through conversations in a paradisical light filled lounge and worshipping our loving designer in a forest room. Social interconnections in our worlds happened, then we grew closer and proceeded to make more social interactions happen through our relationship. God was near. He stirred our hearts and our longings for eachother were second only to our longing for him. It was a delightful intimacy. A beautiful beginning. An innocent interaction. The world of my wildest dreams. An Eden.

The Man discovered so much about the Woman the Designer placed in his path. He watched her play with God’s creation, interact with it so lovingly and organically. It was tantalizing. They walked around, hand in hand, naming God’s creatures and gently ruling over it. Their lives worshipped him and He walked among them. He was close to them. And they knew eachother. Shamelessly. It was a beautiful intimacy. It was a paradise. It was good. Inherently good. Evil-less.

As quickly as the dream came, it went. God gave us just one rule. Obey Him. We wanted to. But as we were together, it seemed as if someone put ideas into our heads… lies into our heads… about what would bring us more life, about what would make Eden even better. A part of us knew those lies should not be followed, but the thoughts persisted and we began to desire those things that would be disobedient to God. Our desires overcame us. We let them. A part of us wanted them to anyway, if just to see what would actually happen if we indulged in them, just once. Innocence left us. Our intimacy stopped developing. In our shame, we hid from God. He knew where we were, what we had done. We put our longing for our sin over our longing for our Creator. Eden was over. A new era in a new place had begun.

God gave the man and the woman one rule. Don’t eat fruit from one particular tree. That was it. They loved the garden and their lives and wanted to stay there, but the tree beckoned. They went to the tree, not to eat, just to see. But there the couple was lied to, and they believed it. They believed God was keeping something from them that would bring them life and glory. It turns out, God was keeping them from that which would result in death and shame. And they got just that. They had a hard time being together in true intimacy because shame came upon them. And they were kicked out of the garden, and everything became more difficult. They lost so much.

Things changed. Emotions ran all over the place. Feelings of expectation and obligation controlled actions instead of pure desire for one another. And our dabbling in disobedience continued. Somehow believing lies felt easier than living out God’s words. Somehow it felt as if it would bring more life. There were still some pure motives and sincere loving desires. However, the offspring of our sin was a twisted and distorted evil that murdered the good and God-honoring progeny of our love. And with the final death of that which was good, God sent our relationship from us that did not bring Him glory. But He didn’t destroy it. He made sure it stayed alive, but it was not ours anymore and it was nowhere to be found. Still, there was hope.

Outside the garden, it wasn’t the end of the world, but it was a distinctively different type of life. So much more pain. So much more work. So much less satisfying relationships. Such a lack of God. The exiled couple had two children, one who gave God the best of what he had, and one who gave YHWH his leftovers. God praised one and criticized the other. Out of jealously, the one who gave his leftovers killed his brother that God praised. God sent him away to another part of the world. But God did not let anyone kill him. God kept him alive despite his evil deeds. Because God had a plan.






It seems that the overarching story of human history is a story that is also replicated thoughout the Scriptures and billions of times over in the lives of people. Perhaps God has built into our very existence a recurring small scale replica of the story of us and Him.

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  1. May 14, 2009 at 12:29 am

    brother, this was beautifully written and an encouraging read… “perhaps God has built into our very existence a recurring small scale relica of the story of us and Him”… beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. KTK
    May 14, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    I like the spin on skylight and tamarack. very clever.

  3. Brett
    May 17, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Jeremiah. This was wonderful. Carry the torch.

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