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My Microcosm of the Metanarrative of Humanity: Part 2/3

I’m sorry friends. I wanted to continue this. I started to. But I cannot finish it. I intended to get to part 2.5… where my hope for redemption was peaking. But it seems that the story ends before that hope could come to it’s full fruition. I assure you, the story of humanity went on. Despite their errors and constantly turning from YHWH, God brought His people back. God took His people back, and in His faithfulness He fulfilled his promise of the prophets and redemption. And to humanity the door of the garden is now open. The sin of the first is now rendered impotent. And intimacy with the Creator is offered to all.

My story ends after the exodus. My story ends after coming out of a place of slavery and separation. God set us apart and gave us words to guide us as his children. My story ends with actions of mistrust. My story ends with desire to go back to Egypt in spite of the freedom God has given. My story ends with ungratefully living like the godless and resultantly, God’s plans have changed. In my journey to the life and intimacy God dreamt for me, my unfaithfulness to God’s promise has changed the promise. At least for me and her. My story and hope has died in the desert.

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  1. KTK
    May 30, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Your story hasn’t ended. Hope is alive. The promise remains.

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