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Questions About God’s Plan

How free is God to change His plan?

Does He change His plan?

Does He have one plan for all of humanity that He has been putting into place since before the beginning of time?

Or does He have some specific plans for humanity as a whole and individuals and then leaves freedom for humans to decide and shape their own lives?

How much freedom?

If God wants us to do something specific that isn’t scripturally a matter of obedience or disobedience, is it disobedience to refrain from doing that specific thing He asks of us, even if ostensibly it’s not a matter of sin?

If God promises us something, how long should we wait for it?

Is there an expiration date on these promises when they feel like they are taking forever?

What if taking hold of these promises of blessing feels incredibly difficult and like its not worth the blessing?

Are we free to reject the promised blessings of God?

Would that rejection be sin?

How does our sin affect God’s promises?

Would He cut us off from His past promises to us because of our disobedience to Him?

What if we repent?

What if we turn and really change our lives?

Would He restore His promises of blessing?

Would He give us that which He once took away because of our sin?

Or would He have a different plan in place?

What if we don’t want God’s promises?

Could we get Him to change His mind?

What if we know what God promised once before, but are not sure about whether or not what He promised us before is still true today?

Should we cling to past promises and assume they are still true regardless of the passage of time and circumstances, or should we always be on the lookout for new plans of God at the tossing out of the old?

If His voice feels silent now, then should we move on our gut and own rationale even if that gut reaction and rationale contradicts what God said in the past?

How closely shall we cling to Your past words that don’t feel true now?


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