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Intermission – Quotes I Made Up In High School

“AHHH!!! How can I possibly serve others like Christ? How can I willingly submit myself to them? How can I justify giving up my money, my energy, my pride, my desires, and my time? Surprisingly, it’s quite simple. I am not my own.” – one who is realizing Who he belongs to

When we lose touch with God and stop making time for Him, we begin a downward spiral. Nothing really seems to excite us, and everything is enjoyed less than once was. When we live out of communion with God, we’re not really living. It’s as if we’re sleepwalking through life, doing everything we must, that which we once did, but we’re not awake. Apathy sets in, and it becomes ever harder to have motivation for things that are worthwhile, including time with God. The more time spent without Him, the harder it becomes to spend time with Him… and live life “to the full.”

“Don’t try to make life perfect, but rather try to have a perfect life regardless of imperfect circumstances.” – J-Dogg

“You know what people don’t realize? We’re at war. This life isn’t some game, some quest for the most entertainment and satisfaction, that’s what the enemy would have you believe. It’s a fricking battleground. We need to be prepared to give our lives, not just our deaths, to fighting for this cause, to fighting for His cause. No amount of worldly pleasures can compare to the purpose we have in this battle or to the glory He has for those who have dedicated their lives to warring for His cause.” – One who has died to this world to fight for the next.

“Some say that a few of the best things in life are worth dying for. I agree, but the very best things in life, well, they’re not just worth dying for, they’re worth living for.” – One who lives for the very best
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. -1 Corinthians 13:13

“Fear can grip us. Fear can hold us from doing what is right, from moving into uncharted territory, from being ourselves, from doing God’s will, from taking advantage of opportunities given to us. Now, the Fear of God does just the opposite. It causes us to do His will and to make the most of the chances given to us. I’m sick of being afraid, I want to Fear.” – One who’s missed too many opportunities because of fear

“People don’t want to see it when you’re down. If someone’s not feeling so great, that means there’s a problem, and people just don’t want to deal with it. If you say you’re ‘alright’, regardless of tone, the reply is ‘good.’ They’re glad that you’re ‘alright.’ Just as long as you don’t say ‘bad,’ they’re happy with it. Their ignorance brings them a false peace.” – The Masked Man

“Sometimes it all fails. My strength leaves me, exhaustion overcomes me, courage is nowhere to be found, hope becomes transparent, the heart tears, joy becomes nonexistent, and everything I was clinging to breaks. I love those times. That’s when God gets to show me just how huge He is.” – The Broken Soldier


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