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Dying to be near

God is dying to be near you,
Desperate to prove his love true.
He aches for you to know his voice.
Our distance was never his choice.

It was our mistakes that brought us here,
This place of loneliness, confusion, and fear.
We broke his heart as his love burned hot.
Still he remained faithful when we were not.

He came to be for us what we never were.
Faithful to the covenant, humble, and pure.
His sinless life filled full our broken promise,
Hitting the mark that we always missed.

But our sins had a cost that someone had to pay.
He took on our debt in an extraordinary way.
Driven by love he took on our burden of sin.
Dying to himself, he died that we might come in.

He gave his life so we could be close again.
For joy set before him, God died as man.
Everything that separated us died also.
Now true intimacy we can truly know.

But as he did, we must give up our lives,
Allowing nothing of our former selves to survive
Then God will come in and set our hearts free,
Being within us everything we dream to be.

Without obligation the God of all died,
That his love could reach us in our pride.
God is dying to be near you.
Believe, believe, and die too.

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