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A Quick Thought On Anxiety and Prayer

This will be short and sweet. I hope. I was thinking about the relationship between our level of anxiety and the quantity of our prayers. I would assume that most of you are like me and the more anxious you are, the more time you spend talking to God because you’re constantly asking for Him to do something. These anxiety ridden conversations (although they are a poor excuse for the word) with God are sometimes… often… my primary way of interacting with Him! It seems silly. It is silly.

Scripture does tell us to cast our anxieties on him because he cares. Some might say God wants to use anxiety to bring us before him frequently. There might be some truth to that, but God doesn’t want us to be anxious. Scripture also tells us that after we present our requests to God, we should feel an inexplicable peace. Anxiety and peace are incongruent. And, that “care-casting?” Well, that involves getting rid of them as well.

God is also constantly telling us not to fear because of His presence with us. Anxieties are merely fears that we will not get what we want. Sometimes we want something to happen, sometimes for it not to, sometimes it’s about other people, sometimes it’s about getting something, sometimes it’s about money, sometimes kids, school, work, unemployment, expectations, relational issues, blibbity blah blah blah. We are afraid of not getting what we want. Anxiety is an inherently self focused thing, even when it’s about someone else because we are wanting A, B, or C for them. We are anxious because of our desires for them, not because of the situation they are in.

So… anxiety is merely a symptom of self-centralization. Giving our cares to God and thankfully presenting our requests before Him are acts of giving up what we want. If we give up what we want and instead choose to trust in His goodness and let what He wants become what we want, then there is no longer any room for anxiety. We’re free from the fear of the petty. And in our freedom, we can truly converse. I think that when we are at peace is the time when our conversations with God become much more like conversations. When anxiety free, we acquire the ability to stay in the moment, connect in the moment, just be in the moment. And when you are in the moment with Love Himself, you wonder why you ever felt anxious at all.

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