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Living Not To Die

What up all? So, two things happened. 1. I have the worst computer in the world. Seriously. It’s hardly functional and I hardly use it for anything other than some things on the internet, putting music on media player, and writing. It wasn’t working for a long time and I didn’t want to put the time in to get it working because, 2. I got a new phone. Thus, my facebook, email, blog reading, music via pandora, and tweeting were covered by my fun new electronic device. This is my first time on my pc, so I figured I’d throw something out there. I haven’t been thinking about much new anyway, so you haven’t missed much. 🙂 Even this will probably feel like you’ve heard it before.

I was talking to a relative about their job and some people they were working with. They were describing these different elderly people. They talked about these individuals that were 90 years old, happy, cheery, active, doing crazy things like bailing hay, and lifting heavy objects on a daily basis. My relative also talked about these elderly people that were in their 60s and laid in bed for most of the day, getting up for meals and a few other necessities, but that’s it. Obviously a lot of the difference between these groups of people is probably physical and genetic, but I think some of it is related to something else. As my relative was talking to me about the second group, the phrase that repeatedly entered my mind was, “living not to die.” One group of elderly had a daily purpose and daily activity that brought significance into their existence, and for another group, the most important thing that they seemed to be doing everyday was not dying.

Well, most of my readers, if there are any of you delightful individuals left, probably aren’t immediately concerned about their imminent death. And, to be perfectly honest, I’m not that concerned that you live a long happy life containing tough physical labor and activity that gives your ego a sense of purpose. I think there are things far more important than that, but I think there is an application here. It’s this idea of living not to ______. That’s right, “living not to line.”

Often people spend time, energy, emotion, and mental effort trying not to do something. Much of their lives becomes about trying to not do a particular thing. Avoiding whatever it is that they are avoiding becomes what much of their lives are about. It sounds silly, but it’s true. As much as I want to avoid this, I think one of my infamous lists might be illustrative at a personal level. Every item on this list refers to a different person that I know… some avoid confrontations with others at all costs; some spend their lives trying to make sure that others are not angry, frustrated, upset, or hurt by them; some spend their lives trying make sure that nothing is wrong with anyone or any relationship; some live in such a way as to avoid failure; some will work really hard at a constant façade to keep others from ever seeing the real them; some will do everything in their power to avoid any risky situation, whether physical, emotional, or financial; some will micromanage incessantly to not lose control of even the smallest thing; some fill their lives with the meaningless activity to try not to be bored; some hide themselves from the world around them trying not to sin.

At best, living to not _____ only results in us avoiding negative things, but it will never get us anywhere. Living to not _____ is about the biggest waste of time imaginable and it can keep us from so much that is so good. I think that the solution is, like many things in life, both simple and difficult. It’s conceptually easy and pragmatically hard. You have to discover what in life is so worth living for that you don’t care about avoiding anything so long as you are living for what truly matters. If you’ve read my blog before, you know what I think it is. I think it is Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected, that we might live a resurrected life in the love and power of God for the purpose of bringing that love and power to the rest of humanity, that we all might live in perfect love with eachother and our Creator. Search for yourself though. But find something. Find something that allows you to stand bold in the face of everything because you know that what you’re living to do is far more important than what you were once living not to do.


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  1. BJP
    July 19, 2010 at 9:26 am

    I read this and enjoyed it.

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