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Jeremiah Was A Dragon Man: “Do What You Want, It’s All Good.” – Reverend Jerry

An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land:
the prophets prophesy falsely,
and the priests rule at their direction;
my people love to have it so,
but what will you do when the end comes? (5:30-31)

The problem in Judah, a refusal to repent from serving other gods and having only a pretense of repenting, has permeated its entire culture (4-5). “Though they say, ‘As the Lord lives,’ yet they swear falsely” (2). The religion of Judaism is claimed throughout Jerusalem, they claim YHWH as their God, alive and well, but it is empty because its false and YHWH looks for truth. At the end of the chapter we discover that even the prophets, who are supposed to get the nation back on track when they stray, are supporting this empty and idolatrous religion. Priests, who are supposed to follow God’s voice and bring the people to Him, are following the people’s voice and leading them wherever they feel like going.

Everyone thinks this way of doing religion is jolly good. Why wouldn’t they? They claim their rich history with a God who has especially chosen them to be His people, who protected them, who brought them out of slavery, who provided for them in a barren wilderness, who gave them a law to guide their relationships with Him and eachother, and who blessed them with a rich and fertile land. The people of Judah still called YHWH their God and could boast of all He did for them, follow some of the practices of the religion, and also follow the practices of other religions and other gods that pleased them. With multitudinous practices to choose from, one could do whatever they wanted and claim it was some sort of spiritual practice, appearing spiritual even in debauchery. Not only was this multiple god behavior socially acceptable, it was encouraged by the very people whose voice should have been declaring the loudest, “The Lord our God, the Lord is one.”

While certainly there were pleasurable aspects of following these gods that were no gods and claiming YHWH as their God, as we’ve said before, there is no life in idolatry. Not only is there no life in following idols, there is no life in following YHWH insofar as one is trying to get life through idols. A faithless marriage is a sham marriage. There’s no sense in looking for a broken cistern that holds no water to give you living water. No matter how much you dress up for a stone, it’s not going to give your life meaning or your soul worth.

So, the Jewish culture was saturated with its religion that had YHWH as its God, but was so corrupted that even the priests and prophets propagated religious practices which directly contradicted YHWH’s laws. It seems likely, that in a society so inundated with Christian culture, there are probably some ways that we look for other gods to heal, bring meaning, and give us worth while claiming YHWH as our Father. What are these things for culture at large? What are these things for you? How are our priests promoting a culture of claiming YHWH as Father and accepting the religious practices of pagan culture?* What issues are our prophets ignoring that they should be speaking out against?

*I’m thinking of gods of Money, Lust, Materialism, Self-Righteousness, Family, Violence, Pride, People, Sports, Drugs…

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