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I Might Be Insane: Jesus Followers Should Support Decriminalization

​I’m using the topic of illegal drugs as a specific example representing the bigger issue of the desire of people to make people do what they want them to. As a society, even in our churches (perhaps especially in our churches), we have a very strong tendency to control others lives. I could use a lot of issues to exemplify this, but this is one is a great example which has the least amount of strong support from sensible people.

​For the follower of Jesus, I believe the use of many illegal drugs is probably sinful and often bad for society. A lot of things are. I also believe gossiping is sinful and bad for society. I believe unforgiveness, pent up anger, lust, lying, greed, and many other things are both sinful and bad for society. However, none of these things directly violate another individual. None of these things infringe upon the freedom of others. While people using illegal drugs might be bad for a society, violating the freedom of another because their behavior is considered uncomely is far, far worse.

​Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in thinking it is crazy that we call people criminals because of what they choose to consume, possess, or sell. Is it good for people to shoot up heroin or smoke meth or take a bunch of pills or otherwise destroy their bodies through foreign substances? No. Should we be willing to use violent force to prevent them from consuming a product we don’t think they should be consuming? Hell no. But we do it, support a government that does it, and try to get them to do more to keep people from consuming things we decided they shouldn’t be consuming.

​I feel sad because of and frustrated with those who engage in some of the more potent and destructive drugs, trading a beautiful life for a wasted one. I feel disgusted with a society and culture that has decided to ostracize and punish people for behavior they do in their own home that doesn’t harm others. It’s sick. No one who ingests something should have to live in fear of someone using violent force on them because of what they ingested. That’s a messed up a world. That’s the world we live in.

​It’s often the world Jesus followers promote, fight for, and participate in. We promote a world that uses violence to coerce others to conform to the way we think the world should be. In the process, we violate others’ rights and create a worse world to live in. Christians support a government crackdown on illegal drug use, but never say the government should outlaw judgmentalism, hubris, gossip, or obesity – all of which are bad for both the individual and society. I believe it is the job of Jesus-followers to be the voice of the oppressed and persecuted. Illegal drug users fit in this category.

​Part of the beauty of following Jesus is, through love, taking a third side. I am against drug abuse and against laws which take away people’s rights to do drugs. I speak out against drug addiction while speaking out against those who would use violent force to stop others from using. It is my calling to defend the right of individuals to consume what they want without fearing oppression. It is also my calling to speak of and exemplify a full and rich life free from addiction, to offer this freedom to those entrapped by addiction to foreign substances, and to walk alongside them as they discover a life worth living. It is not my calling, nor, I believe, the calling of any Jesus follower, to support the use and threat of violent force to prevent others from consuming what they want to.

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