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Fun in N. Minneapolis…

August 22, 2008 2 comments

Oh home… so beautiful, such a pile of crap.  Just like my neighborhood.  Not to call it a pile of crap, cuz it’s not, it’s wonderful.  I love it.  It’s beautiful, but it takes strong eyes to see the beauty.  My block isn’t very ethnically diverse, there are just a lot of African Americans (is that still the PC term?).  Kids run wild on the block.  A decent amount of young adults are on the blocks at night, hanging out on their porch.

Confession: The last few weeks have been a lot about me moving.   They have been a lot about how I am going to get my stuff from one place to another, what I have to do on the house, how I’m going to do it, how much everything is going to cost, what all I have to do regarding insurance, water, heating, electricity, trash, and the like.  It’s not that stuff like that really takes all that long to do, or needs to be consuming, but my primary thoughts have been about this practical stuff.  My mind has been immersed in the world of the insignificant.  I feel like an idiot.  I’m certainly not here to buy a house, go to school, and work.  I’m here to honor Jesus, to glorify my Lord.  I haven’t been living very well.  It’s been a sad two weeks in that regard.  Sorry for not exemplifying what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus Messiah.

Back to the story.  Many people would consider our neighborhood scary because it’s dangerous.  It’s more dangerous than Eau Claire I’m sure, but I feel safe.  It is certainly intimidating.  The people are extra loud and dramatic.  I’m chill.  Yesterday a lot of the neighborhood kids saw Nate’s big old truck and came running to it to help me move.  I think that helping made them feel braver to come over.  They helped us move and a few of them went down into my creepy basement and helped me knock down some walls.  That was funny.  Even got a few hugs when I left.  I didn’t initiate them either (I don’t initiate hugs with little girls when I’m knew to the neighborhood).  They really like my sword and the fact that even though Jared and I suck at music, we have 3 guitars.  Jared will be good soon I’m sure.  He’s good at everything.  Today when I was driving home, some of them were outside and they waved at me and ran over to the house.  I had to go to the post office to get my conacts though.  I walked there.  On my way there one guy was yelling at two others talking about how wearing a rag didn’t make them a true crypt, he was also talking about having equipment.  He might have had a gun.  I don’t know if they were punk kids not actually associated with the gang or if they were young members.  It felt more like a high school argument than a gang argument.  I don’t know how gangs work.  I hope I’ll find out.   The kids were right around the house an hour later when I came back.  Most live right next door.  Some of them helped me move stuff upstairs.  Others stuck around for a while and then left.  There is the interesting combination of beauty and hellishness in this community.  There are beautiful children that have easily angered parents.  There are gangs.  There are beautiful parks.  A majority of people here are below the poverty line.  There are places with free meals.   There are strip clubs.  There are child development centers.  It’s a place that is beautiful, but so messy.  So much potential for good, but it is in bad shape.  Like my house.  Like me.   Anyway, I also got to have a couple of beers with a guy Nate Ray who is a guy around my age that planted last year just off the University Campus.  He has a heart like mine.  Looking forward to seeing what God has in mind for our relationship.  FYI, Predator is a silly movie.


A few beauts

July 2, 2008 1 comment

Don’t tell anyone, but this is me breaking into the house…

Buying a home in North Minneapolis

July 2, 2008 1 comment
Taking a short break from my normal type of post, I just wanted to throw it out there that my little brother and I are going to be buying a house relatively soon in North Minneapolis. We’re hopefully going to make an offer on one today. It’s pretty exciting for a number of reasons…
1. I never thought I’d be able to afford a house.
2. The housing market situation potentially makes it possible for us to have a supplemented income with having multiple properties and renters.
3. I’m almost in Minneapolis.
4. I get to live in a brand new city near wherever FTC would be.

We’ll post some pictures soon. They are all a little run down, but we’ll get our lucky home looking pretty sassy before too long.

Here are some questions that I’m dealing with right now as I think about moving. Any comments and help with them would be appreciated.

How do I love well as I leave Eau Claire? How do I leave my closest friends in a manner that shows them how much they mean to me and how awesome they have been for me? How do I get connected in my new city? How do I learn about the culture of a new place? How do I express to them my love for them? How do I begin conversations about the spiritual with people, not so I can throw the three step gospel program at them, but so I can build a relationship with them and gently, constantly, show them Christ in words and speech? How often should I visit Eau Claire?

Live today well,

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