Topics and Series

While I really like a lot of the new stuff on my blog, there are some gems from the past that are worth reading. I’m trying to make those a little more easily accessible in case newer visitors would like to read more.  After all, as one fan put it, my blog is like “reading a scholarly book about Scripture, and it’s free!” If you comment on one of these older posts, I will be sure to read it and most likely respond, unless you’re offering me a free iPad.



I’ve done a number of multi-part blog series that are usually a little more extensive than an everyday blog post. Being inept at most things internet, I don’t know how to sort these posts in descending chronological order so the post at the top is actually the last post and if you want to start from the beginning you have to scroll down to the bottom.

My Life Without

I spent 3 nights and 4 days in Minneapolis without money, food, water, or any knowledge of anything. This is a journal covering some of it.

For My Stuck Friends

1 Peter has a lot to say to those of us who are stuck in sin. Do you need to hear it?

Living Well

If you’ve read the title, you probably know what it’s about.

Romans 9

Is this the best blog series ever  on this scary and difficult chapter of Romans? Probably (I say that humbly)*.


Stories About Water

This series covers a lot of the major stories involving water in Scripture: Creation, Flood, Red Sea, Jordan River, Jesus Baptism, and Our Baptism. I think it would be a helpful resource for a fresh baptism sermonette.

From Fellowship, To You

Once upon a time someone published a paper called the Fellowship Fishwrapper. These concise posts were a part of it.

Understanding God’s Love

This three part series is pretty old, but reading through it still inspires me to be loved.

Speaking in Tongues

A relatively shallow treatment of the this controversial topic covering a lot of biblical territory.

Simply Church

It’s about church. There are a lot of posts. This is definitely my most retweeted and recommended series. The series talks about issues with a confession, issues with modern church, talks about the family metaphor as vitally important to understanding church, and talks about some of the Biblical essentials in church.

Some Different Thoughts

I hope that all of my thoughts are at least a little bit different. Perhaps these are more different. These posts are me interacting with ideas I was coming across at the time that I simply didn’t agree with.

Something Funny

One of these  things is meant to be funny. One of them probably isn’t. Both make me smile.

Something Beautiful

A couple of thoughts on some stories in Scripture that impacted my heart.

Journeys to Metropoli

Jesus brings the presence of God to the center of Israel for its salvation and restoration. Paul brings the presence of God to the center of the world.




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