Other Projects

I started a podcast. If you’re interested in listening it is just getting started and I’m only beginning to figure out how to go about it. However, I do already have some substantive content. If you are interested in some unique ideas which will probably get your brain going and might make you angry at me, I would love for you to check it out. Christian Anarchy Podcast And then, I would love to hear any of your questions or responses.

I’m still working on editing a Bible Study I wrote a year ago (or longer). I’ve learned, or relearned some things about myself in the process. 1. I hate finishing things because I never like the results. 2. Because I don’t like the feeling of looking at what  I produced and not liking it, I put off finishing things and start something new. 3. Every time I read something I wrote, I want to completely redo it, which is unacceptable. Despite these things, after a long hiatus, I have finally taken a look at the study again and am going to edit it and make it available with its many flaws. If you happen to be interested in helping me edit or going through it now for fun in its unfinished state, email me: jeremiahjm@gmail.com.

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